Resin Bound Driveways

Driveways are a practical addition to any property, providing a dedicated space to park your vehicle. This ensures you always have a space to park available and improves the security of your vehicle, as it is off the road.

However, driveways don’t just have to be practical – with the right material and installation, they can be a stunning addition to your home. This is where we come in at Surrey Resin, as we offer high-quality, stunning, bespoke resin bound driveways.

We are the leading resin surfacing team, boasting years of experience, and we can design and install the best resin bound driveways in Surrey. We welcome enquiries from all customers, so get in touch to learn more about our resin bound driveways.

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What Is a Resin Bound Surface?

Resin bound is a specific type of surfacing solution that is highly popular due to its versatility and strength. This type of surface consists of a mixture of aggregates and resin, mixed in a forced action mixer before being spread onto the surface and trowelled smooth.

Due to the way the aggregates and resin are mixed first before installation, this surface provides a smooth and seamless finish with no loose stones.

Advantages of Resin Bound Driveways

Resin bound is a popular surfacing material for driveways, as it boasts many advantages when installed by experts such as ours. When you invest in one of our resin bound driveways, you can benefit from:

  • Bespoke Design
  • Permeable Surface
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Strong and Durable Surface
  • Low-Maintenance Surface
  • Quick Installation
  • Can Be Installed on Another Surface

Our Design and Installation Service

We are dedicated to providing a first-class service to every customer, which is why we offer a comprehensive design and installation service. When you reach out to our team to discuss resin bound driveways, we will first set up a free consultation at your property.

During this consultation, we will take accurate measurements of the surface area in question before discussing your requirements in detail. So, our team is here to assist, whether you know exactly what you want out of your driveway or need a little inspiration.

We will design your new resin bound driveway to your exact specifications. The beauty of resin is that there are many coloured aggregates available, and you can combine aggregates to create a unique and stunning design. We can even incorporate borders should you wish – the design is entirely up to you.

Once the design is complete, you will be provided with a free, no-obligation quote for the project – this quote will list all costs upfront and be competitively priced. Upon acceptance of the quote, we can then set a date to begin the installation.

Installation of resin bound driveways can take a couple of days, as we need to prepare the original surface before installation. Rest assured that once built, your resin bound driveway will be well-supported, ensuring strength and long-lasting results.

We will always work quickly and efficiently to ensure minimal disruption and keep you informed throughout. Once we have completed the installation, we will ensure that you are fully satisfied with the results, as we don’t consider a project finished until we have achieved 100% customer satisfaction.

We recommend allowing your resin bound driveway to set for 48 hours before parking on it.


We are the leading professionals when it comes to resin bound driveways. We provide our resin driveways services to multiple areas surrounding Surrey including:

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We’re confident we can beat “like-for-like” quotes and complete your project to a better standard than our competitors.

Why Choose Us?

In the time that we have been operating, we’ve built up an excellent reputation as resin surfacing contractors. You can always expect to receive a first-class service from our staff, as they make sure that you’re left totally satisfied with our efforts.

10 Year Guarantee

Our quality driveways are covered for a decade post-installation.

Bespoke Surfaces

Your resin surface will be tailored to your needs through our bespoke service.

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We’ve received many positive reviews from satisfied past clients.

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Our staff will work closely with you and offer expert advice.