Recycle Bound

Driveways, patios, walkways, and other surfaces are an important part of any property, as they provide a variety of uses. From somewhere to park your vehicle or entertain guests to a direct path through your garden, these surfaces must be up to the task.

This is where recycle bound surfacing comes in – this high-quality, strong, and stunning surfacing material is ideal for any surfacing requirements. We are the leading team for recycle bound surfacing, bringing years of experience and knowledge to the table. As a result, we can design and install the very best recycle bound surface in Surrey.

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What Is a Resin Bound Surface?

Recycle bound is a type of resin bound surfacing used for various surfaces – driveways, patios, and walkways. While resin bound is created using a mix of resin and aggregates, recycle bound is created using the same mix of resin and aggregates but with the addition of recycled waste plastic.

This recycled waste plastic is sourced from recycling points and consists of plastic drink bottles, straws, and food packaging. In fact, each square metre of recycle bound surfacing consists of around 3,000 plastic straws.

With the addition of recycled waste plastic, recycle bound surfaces are much stronger than resin bound and incredibly environmentally friendly.

Advantages of Resin Bound Surfacing

While recycle bound is a new type of surface, it is just as popular as resin bound surfacing thanks to the many benefits it offers. When you invest in one of our recycle bound surfaces, you can benefit from:

  • Bespoke Design
  • Incredible Strength
  • Can Hold More Weight Than Resin Bound
  • Permeable Surface (SUDS Compliant)
  • Higher Melting Point (Won’t Melt in Heat)
  • Environmentally Friendly Product
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Can Be Installed On Another Surface

Our Design and Installation Service

We aim to provide a comprehensive service to every customer requiring recycle bound surfacing, which is why we offer a design and installation service. When you first reach out to us regarding recycle bound surfacing, we will set up an initial consultation at your property.

During the consultation, we will need to survey the area in question, taking accurate measurements and determining if the surface needs to be excavated. We will then sit down with you to discuss your design ideas – we are here to assist, so if you need a little inspiration, don’t hesitate to ask.

We can design your recycle bound surface to your exact specifications. With resin surfacing, including recycle bound, there is a choice of coloured aggregates, which can be mixed too. As such, your surface can be designed in a stunning and unique pattern – we can even add borders to your surface.

Once we have completed the design, we will issue you a free, no-obligation quote for the project. This quote will have no hidden fees and be priced competitively. Upon acceptance of the quote, we will set a date to begin the installation.

Installation of recycle bound surfaces can take a couple of days, as we might need to excavate the original surface and prepare it for installation. However, in most cases, we can install recycle bound over the previous surface, making installation quicker. We always work quickly and efficiently without compromising quality, and we never consider a project complete until you are satisfied.

Once installation is complete, we recommend leaving your surface for 48 hours to set.

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We’re confident we can beat “like-for-like” quotes and complete your project to a better standard than our competitors.

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